Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day


Today I want to speak about  History Of Happy Valentines DayHappy Valentines Day on Saturday, according to calendar year 2015. Almost all countries of the world are extremely important to the people of this day is a day of love. But we can not understand that what’s gift to Valentine’s Day gifts for him and her. Sending Valentine’s cards in many countries of the world, people love presenting flowers, or offering sweets to express their love for each other is the traditional day. Happy Valentines Day in the history of countless early Christian martyrs. Many of these lines carry on the tradition of romantic love Valentine. The second half of the twentieth century, the practice of exchanging cards. A man from the people of his favorite love gift cards as well as gifts of love. So enjoy to you by download Happy Valentines Day songs mp3 and lyrics.

 History Of Happy Valentines Day :

Everybody want to know that where does it come from History Of Happy Valentines Day. Every year on 14 February, the day brought the message of love. It is extremely unfortunate that the history of a lot of trouble Happy Valentines Day. A St. bhyaleitaina’s name was Christian padre and physician live in the city of Rome, Italy, in 269. At the time of the Roman Emperor had captured him, preaching the kradiyasa – charges.The Christian religion was forbidden because of the Roman Empire.At the time The Valentine’s cured through treatment by a prison blind daughter.The king was jealous of the popularity of St. bhyaleitainera put him to death.That day was February 14th. We are call this day happy history of valentines day.Then, in 496, Pope Julius 1st St. jelasiuo bhyaleitaina’s remember February 14th Valentine’s Day was declared and coming every year Happy Valentines Day .Today, the West, the festival is celebrated as a symbol of joy and love.Nearly half of the total population in the UK to spent £ 100 million for purchase this love Day cards, flowers, chocolates, greeting cards and other gift items.According to Christian history, the whole of Europe, the triumph of the Christian religion, was celebrated in the Roman genre.

Mid-February, all the young girls of the village name written note was deposited in a container or box.After that every young man taken the note in the box, which would hand the name of the girl, she was buried in the full year, the girl’s love.Years at the end of the relationship was renewed or changed.Some extent when they announced to notify the priest at the papers ‘Saint Valentine’ – the name will be sent.Because it is a Christian heritage, so that it eventually becomes associated with the Christian religion.

Happy Valentines Day teaches us to love. According to another report, 14 February holiday in honor of Juno, the queen of the gods of ancient Rome would have been observed. The Romans believed that Juno is a successful marriage is not without pointing out. The next day of holiday, 15 February, thousands of youth, luparakaliya Supper celebrations, fair or Raffle draw is being used in the process of sorting through the partner.Si-pera taken from young women take to the called. We learn to love again from History Of Happy Valentines Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day


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