International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

International mother language day history is coming from Bangladesh. The then East Pakistan rejected the political move of the West Pakistan to make Urdu the national language of the country.

 International mother language day history

The law enforcement agencies shot to kill reputed student leaders of Dhaka University. Who were protesting the west Pakistani political decision to declare Urdu as the national language. This thread will accumulate documents and articles on this glorious event. At nine o’clock in the morning students began gathering on the university of Dhaka premises in defiance of section 144. The   University vice chancellor and other officials were present as armed police surrounded the campus. By a quarter past eleven, students gathered at the University gate and attempted to break the police line .Police fire the tear gas shells toward the gate to wars the students. A section of students ran into the Dhaka medical college while others railed towards the University premises condoned by the police. The vice chancellor asked police to stop firing and ordered the students to leave the area. However the police arrested serval students for violating section 144 as they attempted to leave. Engaged by the arrests, the students met around the East Bengal legislative assembly and blocked the legislations way asking them to present there insistence at the assembly. When  a group of students sought to storm into the building police opened fire and killed a number of students including Abdus salam, Rafiq uddin Ahmmed, Abul Barkat and Abdul Jabbar. As the news of killing spread disorder erupted across the city. Shop, office and public transport were shut down and a general strike began. At the assembly, six legislators including Monoranjan Dhar, Bashonto kumar Das, Shamsuddin Ahmed and Dhirendranath Datta requested that cheif minister Nurul Amin visit wounded students in hospitsal and that the assembly be adjourned  as a sign of mourning. This motion was supported by some of the treasury bench members including Maulana Abdur Rasid Taskabagish , Shorfuddin Ahmed, Shamsuddin Ahmed Khondokar and Moshiuddin Ahmed. Howerer Nurul Amain refused this request After taking all attempt  at most people get chance to speak Bengali language. Next and biggest topic International women.

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international mother language day declaration :

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From 1953 onwards , starting from 21st February 1953, the immortal 21st February has been observed as a great national event all over Bangladesh and also beyond the frontiers of Bangladeshi, in serval place of INDIA, Uk, USA and elsewhere, wherever there is a sizeable concentration of Bengal  speaking people. yet so long it has been mainly a national event of Bangladesh. But with the declaration of 21st  February as the International mother language day.

It has transcend the national borders of Bangladeshi and acquired an international significance and a global dimension while devotedly serving our own language, we shall respect the language Day-a great day to be observed world wide in the new century and the millennium that into Long live 21st February the International mother language day.

30 C/DR.35 (mother language day to submitted by Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia; supported by Oman, Benin, Sri Lanka, Egypt, the Russian Federation, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Belarus, India, the Philippines, Côte d’Ivoire, Honduras, Gambia, the Federated States of Micronesia, Vanuatu, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Comoros, Pakistan, Islamic Republic of Iran, Lithuania, Italy and the Syrian Arab Republic) relating to paragraph 05204, the Commission recommends that the General Conference proclaim “International Mother Language Day” to be observed on 21 February. International mother language day was proclaimed by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)  in November 1999 (30C/62) International mother language day has been observed every year since February 2000 to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. International mother language day is coming form 1952.

When are Declaration of International Mother Language Day by UNESCO.

  • 01. The UNESCO has announced February 21st as the International Mother Language Day to be observed globally in recognition of the sacrifices of the martyrs for establishing the rightful place of Bang-la. The proclamation came in the form of a resolution unanimously adopted at the plenary of the UNESCO at its head quarters in Paris in November 1999.
  • 02. The UNESCO in its resolution said globally the recognition was given bearing in maid that to spread mother tongue widely will not only add variety in language and encourage multilingual education but also to develop fuller variety about language and cultural tradition throughout the world and to inspire unity based on understanding tolerance and dialogue.
  •  03. The resolution was tabled in Bangladesh. It is a great tribute and glowing homage paid by the international community to the Language martyrs of Bangladesh.
  •  04. The government proclaimed in Dhaka that the plenary of the UNESCO general Conference unanimously adopted a draft resolution tabled 1 by Bangladesh for proclamation of ‘International Mother Language Day’ to be observed on February 21.
  •  05. Giving the world recognition to Bengalis sacrifice of blood for their mother tongue, UNESCO proclaimed February 21 as International Mother Language Day.
  •  06. The sacrifices of all the martyrs for championing the cause of their mother tongue have received now a glorious recognition by the people of the world.

International Mother Language Day 2014

International mother language day song of Bangladesh

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International mother language day song  lyrics of Bangladesh

International Mother Language day

We are  a most another calibrate  cultural.

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The Independence day of Bangladesh include these days is the national day of Bangladesh. March month is coming international women’s day and history. Thank you for watching my site.

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